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Dog Walker & Pet Care Services

 07789 266429  |  sharon@leapsnhounds.co.uk
Leaps n' Hounds - your reliable dog walker

As your dedicated dog walker, your family companion will join me on one of my daily walks around one of the many parks and open spaces in and around Whitstable for pure fun, exercise and company to break up their day, ensuring you come home to a relaxed and contented dog. All our walks are a minimum of 40 minutes which start from when we reach the open space or area that we are exploring that day. This means that your dog may be out and about for at least an hour.  

We welcome any breed over the age of 6 months (for younger dogs please see our puppy sitting service below) , so long as your dog is fully vaccinated, is happy and comfortable with people and has the basic training .
We are happy to walk your dog off the lead if you prefer so long as we have your written consent to do so, have tested their recall and have built up a good bond with them beforehand.  

We may walk dogs with other dogs (no more than 3 at a time) as we know that they often love to play and socialise.  Our initial relationship building allows us to assess which dogs will mix well and become potential play buddies.  We also consider age, energy levels and size as some little ones can find larger doggy breeds a little intimidating.  As mentioned previously, the animals’ welfare, happiness and safety will always be our priority.

We understand that some dogs are not suited to group  dog walks and we are therefore able to offer individual dog walks on request.
Puppy Visits in Whitstable with Leaps n' Hounds (for 8 - 26 weeks old puppies)

Your new puppy will benefit from two or more 30 minute visits a day (up to 12 weeks puppies can be visited three times a day) while you are out of the house for more than a few hours. Puppies need a lot of sleep so short visits are designed with this in mind, as well as ensuring that your your pup will not be left alone for long periods. Your puppy is very special and we therefore like to keep their visits on an individual basis for a few months while they are so young.

Your puppy will be taught all the things needed to make your life and walks simple and easy, including coming when you call them.  This is all done through play, so that your puppy enjoys it and learns at the same time. Prior to vaccination we help with their training around the house and garden,  ensure that they are fed and watered, clear up any little messes and give them lots of TLC. Once they are vaccinated, we start incorporating short walks with play learning (starting with 10 minutes and working up to the full 30) so pup is happy to settle back to sleep between visits.

Cat & Pet Visits

If you prefer your smaller pets to stay in their familiar surroundings while you are away, we offer a pet service to feed, water and reassure your little ones until you're home. We'll even pick up mail and open your curtains to give your home added security in your absence.
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